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Mieces Pieces
The Minutia Mouse Trap shirt is now available in our store. This is our first shirt printed on American Apparel and it is super comfortable.
minutia logo shirt
Minutia in Hawaii
So our good friends Jay and Sandy took a little vacation to the island of Kauai where they got engaged. Congratulations guys and thanks for the pics!
minutia logo shirt
minutia logo shirt
Now available at Technical Shops on Newbury Street, Boston!
This just in... so we now have t-shirts and bandanas available and not only just through our web store. Technical Skate Shops on Newbury Street in Boston is now carrying our product! They've got a pretty sweet skateboard shop with an awesome selection of apparel. Check out pics of the store here.
minutia logo shirt
The Evil Dentist is here!
Our new Evil Dentist shirt is now available in our store. Our first 10 online orders on this shirt will recieve a special surprise gift! Visit our store here.
minutia iamthetrend.com
Check us out on iamthetrend.com! As of right now we've got the highest rating of all the independent clothing lines listed. If you like what we do, feel free to give us a good rating. If you don't... ignore this post and pretend that you never heard of iamthetrend.com. hehe.. just kidding of course..
minutia iamthetrend.com
New Shirts Available for only $13
I'm so pumped to say that we have been doing pretty well with our sales. So far the shirts have been doing great. We are actually almost out of the rib design so I'm wondering if I should run a second pressing. Any thoughts? Feel free to hit us up. Still waiting for these Evil Dentist shirts and hoping they come soon. We just picked up our order of black and green logo shirts and they're for sale for only 13 bucks! Take a look! Here's one of our skaters, Steve Clark (aka. The Meat Shark), in deep thought.
minutia logo shirt
New Designs
Here are a couple new designs.
Yum Yum
These shirts will probably be our next pressing. We haven't decided whether or not to add the Yum Yum type (like seen on the deck) all over the shirt. If you guys have any feedback on this let us know. Decks are available through our store.
minutia yum yum
minutia yum yum
Pure Evil
I think everyone can relate to this. Jessie always seems to have the worst luck at the dentist. One time her dentist wasn't paying attention and accidentally drilled directly into her lip. Jessie actualy had a small hole in her lip, and then had to pay the bastard while he laughed at how much of an idoit he was. I drew this one up while she was at an appointment, sitting in the chair for almost 3 hours while they tried to replace a botched crown. These should be available at our online store very soon.
minutia dentist
Minutia Circle of Death
We celebrated the success of our first shirts with a little game of Circle of Death. I found an assortment of like 15 different bottles of liquor (almost empty) taking up a ton of space in our cabinet, so we decided to spin an elvis knife and make each other drink.
minutia circle of death
minutia circle of death
minutia circle of death
minutia circle of death
Finally Launched!
Finally, after months of living like hermits, we can finally debut our website. It might not be finished yet, but the site is actually up and running! Jessie and I have been working on so many designs, most of which have not been printed yet, but hopefully will soon be on their way. Below you can take a gander at our busy year, and everything we’ve gone through to finally get to this point. We’d like to take a moment to thank all of our family and friends that have supported us, helping us get closer and closer to our dream!
Mmmmm... Ribs!
Who doesn't love metal? This was one of my first designs for Minutia. I must have been listening to a lot of Cannibal Corpse or something. Probably not for everyone, although my soon-to-be, brother-in-law, Johnathan seems to wear his a lot. He's a lawyer and I think that's pretty awesome. These shirts and decks are now available through our store.
minutia ribs art
If we only had 8 arms...
This is so far one of my favorites. We ran these in white and ash in men's sizes, and in a sexy orchid color in womens sizes. Not that the guys shirts aren't sexy. You know you want one... they'll be available soon on our shop page and presales have been going pretty quick. You might not want to wait for this one. Decks are also available.
minutia octopus art
minutia octopus deck
A Tribute to Bettie Page
It was sad to hear about Bettie's passing. Jessie and I have always been fascinated with pin-up girls. My favorite pin-up girl artist is Olivia De Berardinis. This was a little tribute to the both of them, as the original pose was first painted by her. This deck is available on our shop page. If you don't skate, it would perfect on your living room wall. ;)
bettie page, minutia
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