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Magic Life Rolling Tray
New rolling trays are now available through our etsy shop.
Magic Life
We've taken a step back from what we call "gypsy living" and giving up our weekends to set up shop. I am still working full-time as a creative director at Core Concepts, and I love it. Between living in our new dream house and all of the work that comes with being a home owner, finding time to stay creative becomes an act of juggling between our careers, daily responsibilities, projects at home and spending time with our families. Every once in a while, I do my best to find the time to do what I love most... creating art! But that is life, and it has been (and continues to be) a magical journey. In essence, I guess I'm trying to explain why my new art has been so infrequent, but the direction that I have decided to take is to focus more on improving my craft, and less on trying to bring it to market. With that being said, today I have finally finished one of the more important pieces of my life. I decided to stray away from the digital side and focus more on the traditional process of using raw materials, making strategic decisions, taking chances with error, testing my patience, and honing in on the minutia of what I love and respect. I am calling this piece "Magic Life", simply because life to me is magic.
Below you'll see my process shots in reverse that will lead you up to my original, crappily sketched out thumbnail. I have a limited number of prints available in my etsy shop that are signed and numbered. The orginal size is in 18 x 24, and printed on 100% cotton, 250 gsm fine art paper. Thanks for taking the time to read this post, and I hope you continue to visit my site for more art!
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