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2011 Boston Freedom Rally
boston freedom rally
boston freedom rally
boston freedom rally
Boston Freedom Rally - 2011!
Come to Boston Common on Saturday, September 17th and show your support for a good cause. Our booth will be right by the main stage. For more info, check out the Facebook event page and RSVP here!
Back to the Grind Contest - 2011!
Back to the Grind 2011 will be held at the East Weymouth Skatepark and tennis courts this Saturday, September 3rd, 2011. For more info, check out our Facebook event page and RSVP here!
Chancellor Hughey
Say hello to our new team rider: Chancellor Hughey from Rock, Michigan!
Somerville Rock-N-Roll Yard Sale
If you're free this Sunday, August 21st, come into Somerville and check this out. We'll have a booth set up, so stop by and say hi!
The Road to Hell
Here's a new team edit! Enjoy!
Trip to Philly
We just got back from a little road trip to Philly. What an awesome city. There always seemed to be a new skate spot around the corner. We met lots of cool people (especially the drunk ones in the middle of the night) and plenty of awesome places to stuff your face. Here's a couple pics.
love park
Philly City Hall
Brian Holbrook Minutia skateboards, philadelphia
Dave Belcher, Minutia Skateboards, Philadelphia
Philadelphia Skate Spot
Philadelphia Skateboarding, Brian Holbrook
Philadelphia skate spot
footplant impossible, steve clark
Philadelphia skate spot
philadelphia skateboarding
geno's steaks, minutia
philly bridge
Billerica Skatefest 3
We'll be sponsoring the 3rd Annual Billerica Skatefest this year. Live bands, skate contests, bbq, and pop-up shops. Come by, check it out, and show your support! Click on the image below and RSVP on Facebook!
2011 Spring Line now available!
minutia skate team
New Line Rolling in!
Our Spring 2011 line is pretty much ready to go! Release date will be next Saturday, April 2nd of 2011. We'll have all new t-shirts, decks, and wheels for sale on our website. We'll also have our first pop-up shop of the year at the 3rd Annual - Billerica Skate Fest, scheduled on Friday, April 22nd. Check the facebook event here for more details! Hope to see you there!
Team Kick Ass
Happy New Year Everyone! 2010 was a fun and exciting year for us. Thanks to our team our supportive friends and family, we have grown so much in only 2 years. We figured we should start off this year's blog with a little tribute to our friends Brand One and Joey Glynn who risked it all to travel to the west coast in search of something new.
minutia skate team
minutia skate team
minutia skate team
minutia skate team
minutia skate team
minutia skate team
minutia skate team
minutia skate team
minutia skate team
minutia skate team
minutia skate team
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